Statue in the garden
Bench at Whipps

Links to Videos and Photos of Whipps Garden Cemetery

"LOST MARYLAND: The Whipps Cemetery: Rescued From Destruction"
(5:05), Sept. 3, 2012, by Sevenpoint Productions
Slideshow video of overview of the entire Cemetery.

"LOST MARYLAND: Whipps Garden Cemetery"
(3:31), March 12, 2012 by Sevenpoint Productions
 Slideshow video of Whipps focusing on each of the headstones.

Photo Gallery of Whips
Ellicott City Tourism

Links to Friends of Whipps Garden Cemetery

First Daffodils/  Daffodils Festival and Fields NEW

Coalition To Protect Maryland Burial Sites, Inc.

Howard County Master Gardeners

St. John’s Community Association

Howard County Tourism

Dan Whipps Photography