Statue in the garden
Daffodils at Whipps
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Whipps Garden
As restoration of Whipps’ Cemetery progressed, a line of broken and damaged gravestones were discovered nearby and relocated to the cemetery. Included were stones of William and Samuel Whipps. William was Samuel’s father. Samuel (1813-1909) was the father of 26 children, married twice. He was a charter member of Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge, a blacksmith, farmer, and son of the cemetery's founder. An archaeologist, helped restore many of the broken gravestones. William Whipps’ gravestone was the first to be mended. A photo of Samuel Whipps is near his gravesite. He was director of the cemetery after his father, William Whipps, died.

Daylilies, often planted in old cemeteries, cover the area behind the gravestone. Vinca spreading among the daffodils provide bright spring blooms. Liriope borders the front edge. A twig gate created by a Master Gardener complements the original posts at the entrance.

Whipps Garden Front Gate